We are passionate about what we have created at Divinity Expo Events

Our mission is to provide a community for spiritual professionals and seekers to come together, grow, and prosper.

When we first had the idea to create a series of events for spiritually inclined vendors, advisors, and practitioners, where like-minded seekers and patrons could get what they needed to help them progress on their life journey, we wanted to make sure each professional felt like they were more than just another number.

We wanted them to know that they mattered, and we were there to support their journey of creating a business they could grow and help as many people as possible, while giving them a place where they were able to succeed and grow their business.

By having the right vendors, in the right place, we knew we would attract the right customers, so everyone had the right experience, making the event something everyone would enjoy and wanted to come back over and over again.

Whether you are a vendor, an advisor, a practitioner, or someone who wants to interact with the right vendor, advisor, or practitioner, we invite you to check out our Divinity Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Expo and decide that it's the right place for you.


Heather Matthews

Heather is the brain-child behind Divinity Expo Events. It was her vision and desire that made all of this possible! She brings a lot of wisdom and knowledge about creating a great experience and a desire to serve those around her.

She has created a safe community, where like-minded, spiritually inclined patrons and customers can come together to express themselves and be heard without judgement, and feel supported by those around them.

As a world-renowned psychic and medium, Heather has helped over 10,000 clients find the answers, hope and direction needed to continue moving in the direction that will provide them the greatest sense of purpose and healing to overcome the struggles they experience in their lives.

Her goal is to give the best experience for both the professionals, who sell their wares and offer guidance, as well as the customers and clients, who visit to purchase the items they need or get the answers and closure they are looking for, to make it something everyone looks forward to coming back to again and again, leaving with the feeling that they've taken something powerful out of the experience that can enrich their lives and the lives of others for the better.

Jason Matthews

Jason has been instrumental in turning the vision of Divinity Expo Events into a reality, being the force that has driven the success of the business while keeping with the integrity of the spiritual-centered community.

Jason is a seasoned astrologer and human design practitioner, focusing on identifying the patterns that indicate how people are going to behave, interact, and ultimately make decisions.

By combining his esoteric knowledge with his gift for coaching and business development, Jason has helped thousands of clients find the clarity they needed to move with the passion and purpose that has given them the greatest amount of fulfillment in their lives.

His goal is to create a space where spiritually-minded business owners, such as product vendors, advisors, and practitioners feel like they had the support and stability they need to launch and grow their businesses, to the point where they wouldn't need us anymore, giving that opportunity to other budding spiritually-minded businesses to establish and grow their brands and companies.

“Experiences do not come to us by chance, they are sent to us by Divine Mercy for our own perfection.”


Divinity Expo Events proudly serves Treaty 7, on the traditional territory of the Niitsitapi Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai, Piikani), Îyarhe Nakoda (Chiniki, Bearspaw, Wesley) and the Tsuut’ina. This land is also home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3 within the historical Northwest Métis homeland. This place, where the Elbow river meets the Bow, is known by many names to many people, including Mohkínstsis (Niitsitapi), Wincheesh-pah (Nakoda), Kootsisáw (Tsuu'tina), Otos-kwunee (Cree), and Calgary (English). We thank the Indigenous communities of Turtle Island for both the historic and ongoing stewardship and protection of the land we collectively inhabit today. Many nations and people, Indigenous and non, are fortunate to call Moh’kinsstis and Treaty 7 territory our home. Acknowledging the land is Indigenous protocol, which we honour as a step towards reconciliation and fulfilling our responsibilities as Treaty people. Working alongside all Nations, Indigenous and non, we strive to create safe spaces where everyone can live openly and authentically.


"Be patient with yourself.

Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground.

There's no greater investment."


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