We want answers about our relationships, our career, our happiness, our health.  It's easy to be consumed by the "what if's" that come into our minds, making us believe that things could be worse off than they really are, so it's natural to want to seek answers to these very important questions.

We all worry at times how life is going to play out for us.

And that's why we're hosting the Divinity Expo.

“See DIVINITY all around.”

- bhagavad gita

Whether you are looking for the messages that will provide you peace, crystals to harness your energy, or tools to give you focus, you will find everything you need to tap into the spiritual world and turn you into a creative partner in crafting your destiny.

It's time you found the answers you need to the questions that concern you most.

you can get the answers you need here!

Accessories & Jewelry
Books & Music
Handmade Items
Bath & Soap Products
Beauty & Natural Make-Up Products
Ceramics & Pottery / Glass / Wood Working
Clothing Products
Energy Healing
Holistic Practitioner
Card Readers
Intuitive Readers
Psychic & Mediums
Art & Paintings
Health & Wellness Focused
Mental Health Focused



You can purchase your tickets on this website for an amazing discount or you can purchase at the door for full price.

first, purchase your ticket

Connect with the advisor, guide, coach, and/or vendor that can provide you the tools and information you need.

next, discover the messages or tools you need

Feel confident that you are leaving with the instructions & tools you need to take back control of your life & your purpose.

then, leave with a sense of purpose

How it works

Your ticket purchase includes access to everything available at the show.

Your one-day ticket or weekend pass is all you need to attend the talks you want to experience, shop with the vendors that have what you need, give you insight into how to live your very best life, and provide you with the messages that answer your questions and heal your heart, so you can leave feeling empowered to move onto that next step needed to achieve your goals...

One-Day Ticket

One Day access to divinity expo

attend any show that day

access to all vendors & advisors

(Save $5 on price at door)

select the tickets that work for you:

$10 per ticket online

best value!

Weekend Pass

Two day access to divinity expo

attend any show on both days

access to all vendors & advisors

(Save $10 on price at door)

$20 per ticket online

We believe in giving back!  $1 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Veterans Food Bank in Calgary, AB.

attend talks from gifted & inspired speakers

gain insight into what you need to succeed.

receive messages that give you the direction you need.

purchase items that help you toward your goals.

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